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a message from fatEMOkid himself!

Hi and thanks for stopping by
I'd just like to explain a little bit about why we are here. My friend Joe and I are huge fans of the genre. It didn't come easy, I had to convert Joe away from all the scary music that he listens to. But now we are both into everything EMO.

This idea came out of pure boredom, ingenious thinking and the fact that fat kids get no love from the music industry. I have been to a few shows in my day and I seem to have a problem of finding a shirt that is big enough for me at the venue. This is fine because I don't expect merchandisers to carry a lot of XXL shirts and whatnot at a show. I just figured that they ran out. Then I started exploring the option of purchasing items online. And again I found that there are no XXL items for sale. As time went on I became more upset. Why can't I rock the shirt of a band that I like, only because I'm fat That sounds a little discriminatory to me. So we (Joe and I) are here to make it known that fat people like music too and want to support the groups that they like.

In essence, this site is for the community of EMO loving fat kids to come together and let it be known that we want to wear the same stuff as everyone else. I mean by popular definition EMO kids are way too skinny or way too fat. Not a lot in the middle there.

So show your support, check out the site, check out the store and keep coming back. We will be adding a lot of features and hopefully we will be able to open a forum for us to all talk about music, fat kids, and whatever else comes to our minds.

Thanks once again.
Seth fatEMOkid.